Flood of Compassion

Flood of Compassion

NGHS Flood Relief Effort and Mayaro Distribution Exercise

Upon hearing of the nationwide flooding in October 2018, our school sprang into action to assist the flood victims. Our school’s Red Cross Cadet Group, Interact Club and Non Nobis Club worked as a team to manage all the phases of the Flood Relief Effort; Collection, Sorting and Packaging and Distribution of the donated items.

Phase 1: Collection
Our school served as a donation collection centre for 3 weeks. We received items from the student population, well-wishers, charitable nongovernmental organizations and corporate entities. Donations included water, baby supplies, non-perishable food items, school supplies, clothing, first aid items and toiletries. Your contribution was indeed vital to the success of this venture. We wish to express our gratitude to all of our donors.

Phase 2: Sorting and Packaging
The items received were sorted and packaged into cleaning and food hampers for easy distribution. The students volunteered during their free periods and lunchtimes for three weeks to sort and package items. Students were able to develop leadership, responsibility, accountability and organizational skills during this exercise.

Phase 3: Distribution
One of the objectives of the drive was to widely distribute the donated items to the affected communities. We partnered with the Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross Society and the schools in the affected areas to assist in the distribution of the hampers. We successfully distributed hampers in the following areas: Valencia, Tamana, Sangre Grande, San Juan, Barataria, Toco, Matelot, La Horquetta, St Helena, Kelly Village and Mayaro.

Mayaro Distribution Exercise
As part of our outreach, 46 students and 4 teachers made the 2-hour long journey from our school to Kernaham Village, Mayaro on Thursday 8th November, 2018. The LVI and UVI students of the school’s’ Interact Club shared, “It was an eye opening experience to see how citizens of our country are affected by poverty and moreso how the recent flood left them devastated as their livelihoods of selling watermelon was completely destroyed. We were touched by how grateful they were to receive hampers and a meal and moreso by their concern for everyone in their community.”

This trip allowed our students to develop a sense humility and compassion. Here are a few quotes from students who attended the trip.

“It was an experience which helped me to appreciate everything I take for granted.” Amirah Ramdass (Form 6)

“This experience humbled me and showed me a totally different perspective on life. I am empowered to continue to volunteer and help those in need.” Shail Ramoutar (Form 6)

“It was nice to see the smiles on the faces of the people who received the hampers.” Sarah Singh (Form 3)

We wish to thank Mr. Rushton Paray Member of Parliament for Mayaro, Mr. Neil Ramdath (Office Manager at the Mayaro Constituency Office) and his office staff for their invaluable assistance in coordinating this trip. In addition, we wish to express our appreciation to the members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police and Coast Guard officers who accompanied us.

Our school continues to embody our motto, “Non Nobis Solem Sed Omnibus” – “Not for ourselves only but for all.”

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