Eco Fair at NGHS Walkathon 2018

Eco Fair at NGHS Walkathon 2018

Today’s school walkathon featured an added attraction of an Eco Fair. Parents and students were invited to view displays, play games and learn about habitats and animals from four environmentally passionate groups in Trinidad and Tobago; The E.M.A, Forestry Division, Adopt A River and the Emperor Valley Zoo.

Having just this week received an ICare Bin from the EMA and SWMCOL at our school, our students learned important information about recycling with the ICare program at the EMA’s booth. They were also given brochures, stationery items, plastic bags and reusable water bottles as part of the this initiative to ensure sustainable removal of plastic bottles from the school’s waste stream.

The Forestry Bus continues to be a favourite with our students and provided valuable information on habitats in Trinidad and Tobago and threats to their survival. The warm and friendly members of the Forestry team very capably explained environmental issues to visitors using the beautiful artwork, models and posters on the bus.

The Water Warriors of Adopt A River, WASA, gave valuable information about how we could actively get involved in caring for our rivers at a community level. Through interactive games, experiments, posters and brochures, visitors to the booth had great fun conducting water quality tests on pipe borne water and bottled water, and viewed interesting PowerPoint presentations on water conservation.

Ms. Sharleen Khan and her team of the Emperor Valley Zoo, treated our students to a mini petting zoo. Patrons were given the exciting opportunity to learn about animals by interacting with them up close; such as snakes, baby caiman, legless lizard, blue and gold macaw and guinea pigs.

The N.G.H.S. Eco Activists Club, represented by club members and their parents, also disseminated information about recycling and conservation through posters and games.

We would sincerely like to thank Mr. Dale Cozier of the EMA, Mr. Denny Dipchansingh and the members of the Forestry Bus, Dr. Sharda Mahabir and her team of Adopt A River, and Ms. Sharleen Khan and her team of the Emperor Valley Zoo, for taking time to be with us today to share information about their work in environmental conservation and education. We appreciate all that was done by these groups to make this experience an enriching and stimulating one for our students and parents. It certainly was a successful and fun Naparima Girls’ High School Eco Fair 2018!



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