A Fond Farewell to a Mathradical Teacher

A Fond Farewell to a Mathradical Teacher

On Thursday 21st September 2017, the staff and students at Naparima Girls’ High
School bid a fond farewell to Mrs. Joan Commissiong, who retired in July 2017. Mrs.
Commissiong was a dedicated Mathematics teacher who worked tirelessly both in the
classroom and in all other aspects of school life for 37 years. During her last two years at
the school, she served as the Coordinator of the House System and also performed the
duties of the Form 2 Dean. She served many other roles throughout her time at Naparima
Girls’ High School, such as House Mistress of Cavell House, Head of the Mathematics
Department and Form 1 Form Mistress.

Mrs. Commissiong is a soft-spoken, caring woman who was a mother to all her
students. Moreover, she is also strong, confident and when need be, strict. Her students
were always her number one priority. Her aura of peacefulness and thoughtful advice
were always appreciated. In addition, Mrs. Commissiong always participated willingly
wherever she could. She is an extraordinary vocalist, pianist and church organist. On
Sports’ Day, one could always count on seeing Mrs. Commissiong sprinting towards the
finish line, with girls and teachers of Cavell House proudly cheering her on.

The retirement function in honour of Mrs. Commissiong was a grand gesture of
love befitting of such a wonderful woman. She was celebrated both by students and
teachers. Songs were performed both by a trio consisting of Melanie Baboolal, Sydney
Mohan and Aliyah Ramatally, and by the Senior Choir. Girls of Forms 3 and 4 performed
a lively dance, and Vrishni Maharaj recited a thoughtful spoken word poem. Students
were invited to a walk down memory lane while viewing a slideshow capturing fond
memories of Mrs. Commissiong’s days as a student and a teacher. Teachers lustily sang a
medley of songs put together by Mrs. Shamila Scarlett, following which Prabha
Ramoutar delivered a beautiful speech. The students of Form 2 performed an
exceptionally clever skit under the direction of Mrs. Vicki Sadeek. While Naparima
Girls’ High School is sad to see one of its best members of staff leave, we wish her
health, happiness, love and a restful retirement.


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