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In 1945, UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) was

created to establish international peace on the “basis of humanity’s moral and intellectual

solidarity”. In 1953, the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) was created

and Naparima Girls’ High School is one of the educational institutions that is part of this


The UNESCO club at Naparima Girls’ High School has been in existence since 1987. It is

currently under the leadership of Mrs. V. Mohess, Ms. Z. Foster and Mrs. N. Khemraj-Ramdath.

Club meetings are held every Wednesday during the academic year in the New Modern Studies

Room in the Centenary Building at 12.10pm. As a club, we intend to put into practice, the slogan

of UNESCO, ‘building peace in the minds of men and women’. As such, we recognize and

celebrate UNESCO International Days as it is our attempt to learn and promote awareness of

significant issues that affect the world. Thus far, we have celebrated International Jazz day,

International Day of human space flight, International Mother Earth Day, International Women’s

day, Zero Discrimination day, Mother Language day and many other significant days. We

employ unique and interesting ways to celebrate each day and ensure that members have fun

while they learn.

The Memory of the World Committee of Trinidad and Tobago invited the club to participate in a

project aimed at educating the population on preserving documentary heritage. On June 14 th ,

2016, a few members of the Club were privileged to visit the National Archive of Trinidad and

Tobago, the National Library, Port of Spain and the UWI Alma Jordan Library to peruse the Dr.

Eric Williams Collection. This was an educational and amazing experience that the students will

always cherish.

Personal testimonies from club members:

The club is wonderful. I like making and exchanging friendship bracelets…it makes us

interact more with each other. We learn so much when we have meetings or when we go

on field trips, in other worlds… it is AWESOME.”

 “I think this is an amazing club which teaches us a lot and encourages interaction

between students and teachers which I really like.”

 “This club is by far my favourite because it brings all of us closer together and makes me

feel as if we are one big family and I like that it makes learning fun.”

 “This club is one of the best clubs in school because not only does it educate students

about historical figures and major events that occurred in the past but it also creates

friendship between students.”

 “This club is not just about learning. It is the way a club should be, with gaining more

knowledge and having fun while doing it. It separates it from school and I really like that.

The activities we do are one of a kind as well which I enjoy. I love UNESCO club”.

We look forward to the upcoming academic year and already have formulated activities to truly

engage the members. We invite all interested students to join the Club! Be part of a unique