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The Naparima Girls’ High School uniform has been proudly worn by thousands of successful young ladies throughout the past decades. It is a symbol of dignity, discipline, morality and service to others. It continues to be a source of pride today and gives to each student a sense of belonging to a sisterhood of outstanding women achievers now spanning the globe. It is therefore the responsibility of each Naps girl to uphold this tradition of pride, which is reflected in the wearing of the uniform. Standards for grooming and dress are based on health and safety of the students as well as the appropriateness for the activity in which the student is engaged.

You are in proper uniform when:

  • Your blouse and skirt are neat and well pressed
  • Your house pin is between the second and third buttons of your blouse
  • You are wearing a white inner blouse (vest or slip) to cover your black, white or beige bra and it is tucked into your skirt
  • Your shoes are simple, plain black closed shoes with low heels and without buckles or accessories. They are not high top sneakers as these are inappropriate for school
  • Your socks are navy blue and cover your ankles. You are not wearing slouch socks or thick football socks as these are inappropriate
  • Your hairstyle is simple and neat, appropriate to your school uniform and your age, worn off the shoulder and not covering the face. Long hair must not be worn loose. Your hair accessory is simple, non-ornamental, black, dark brown or navy blue.
  • Students are NOT permitted to colour their hair.
  • Your sweater is plain black, white, blue, grey or cream and is not denim
  • Your nails are short, neatly cut and clean
  • You are not wearing jewelry except for a simple watch
  • You are not wearing makeup
  • You are properly groomed and maintain a neat and tidy appearance at all times

Note that if you must have a tattoo it must not be visible while wearing the school uniform.

The Performing Arts Department requires students to be attired in long black tights and a black Naparima Girls’ High School t-shirt for classes.



Physical Education Uniform

1 Grey T-shirt (To be ordered at the school on registration day.)
1 Navy blue wrap ‘A’ line skirt
1 Pair of navy blue elastic waist shorts
1 Pair of white shoes
1 Pair of white socks