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The Prefect System

The current Prefect System, established in 1998, which includes all Upper Sixth Form Students, aims at creating in these students an awareness of their individual and collective roles in ensuring a more effective management of the school. The system was devised to inculcate values of co-operation, responsibility and service. In addition, vital leadership, organizational and management experience is gained by each student, better preparing them for a successful future.

he following is a diagram of the Prefect System as it exists. All systems are supervised by a coordinator.


A Prefect Installation Service at Susamachar Presbyterian Church is held early in the school year to remind the prefects and the school body generally of the important role and responsibility of a prefect.

In 2005/2006, with the introduction of CAPE, it became necessary to select a group of fourth formers who serve as assistant prefects. They help to relieve the sixth formers of some of their responsibility during their crucial examination period.