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The House System

At Naparima Girls’ High School, each student as well as each member of staff belongs to one of five Houses. These Houses are named after exemplary women. The colour of the pin worn on the blouse indicates to which House the student belongs. The Houses are as follows:

Archibald – Blue (named after Adella Archibald)

Cavell – Green (named after Edith Cavell)

Curie – Red (named after Marie Curie)

Keller – Yellow (named after Helen Keller)

Scrimgeour – Purple (named after Margaret Scrimgeour, past Principal)


The House System aims at fostering in the student, a sense of belonging to a group that spans all Form levels at school. The system embraces activities in all spheres of school life, requiring both team and individual participation. A spirit of healthy rivalry prevails and students develop talents and skills in a variety of events. Students take an active part in organizing and supervising these activities both cooperatively with, and independently of staff. Each girl is encouraged to explore areas of interest and talent by participation in these.

Find out more about the famous female role model after whom your House has been named.

The main annual competitions of keen interest include Sports Day and Pep Rally, Calypso and Inter House Arts Festival and the Inter House Debating/Public Speaking, Cricket and Badminton Competitions.

Each House is administered by a House Mistress, assisted by other House Teachers, along with an elected House Captain and Deputy House Captain. The House System continues to be one of the cornerstones of co-curricular and extra-curricular development, which contributes to the well-rounded Naparima student.