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Discipline has long been one of the foundation principles of the education received at NGHS and continues to be an important aspect of our school life. Changing with the needs of the times, many of our disciplinary procedures have been reviewed and continue to be scrutinized with a view to becoming more preventative and reforming rather than punitive. The system aims at promoting self-discipline among our students. In every case, we attempt to seek the cause of indiscipline, by investigating all circumstances and consulting with family and friends of the student in question.

Our system consists of a series of tiers with a number of individuals responsible for maintaining discipline.

  • CLASS PRESIDENT – This is a student elected by her classmates and who manages the class during the unsupervised periods between She reports all matters that affect the harmonious running of the class to the Form Teacher who takes appropriate action. The class president assists the Form Teacher with class-related duties.
  • CLASS PREFECT – all sixth form students are installed as Prefects with equal authority in monitoring the entire school popular There are among them, Class Prefects, each assigned to a specific class. This Class Prefect has contact with her class at least three times a week and monitors uniform and all matters of indiscipline. The Class prefect serves as an exemplar, an advisor and oftentimes a mediator in class disputes and is encouraged to develop a close relationship with those in her charge. She reports directly to the Form Teacher as well as the Dean of the year group.
  • FORM TEACHER – The Form Teacher is the primary source of daily contact with the student and is the vital link among the school, parent and student She is usually the first to detect that a problem exists and initiates a process of intervention to solve problems with the cooperation of all concerned.
  • DEAN – Each year group has been assigned a dean who, in collaboration with the Principal, Vice Principal and Form Teacher, monitors the student’s academic performance as well as general behavior/discipline. Referral forms pertaining to behavior are used by members of staff. The Dean receives reports of infractions, investigates and compiles reports on students’ indiscipline. In conjunction with the Principal and Parents, the Dean may refer certain cases to the Guidance Unit of the Ministry of Education or other professional ag
  • PRINCIPAL/VICE PRINCIPAL – All serious disciplinary matters, as stated in Section 44 of the Education Act that may merit suspension, e. violence, substance abuse or use of obscene language, are referred by the Principal/Vice Principal/Teacher in charge to the relevant authorities (e.g the Police) in consultation with the School Supervisor III.