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What do I do if?

I am not wearing my correct uniform?

Your parents must explain in writing, the reason why you are not dressed appropriately. This note will be countersigned by your form mistress/Dean and kept with you throughout the day. Problems with your uniform must be addressed promptly.

I need to contact my parents during school hours?

You may make a phone call to parents from the bursars office. In case of emergency you may inform your form mistress/Dean/Vice Principal or Principal who would make the call for you.

I forgot my lunch money, travel money at home?

Inform your form mistress/Dean who would assist you or contact your parents if necessary.

I was found using my cellphone or in possession of a camera phone or wearing items that are not part of the school uniform?

Inappropriate jewelry, expensive equipment or other items not part of the required school equipment and should not be brought to school. In such a case the parent will be called to collect the item and the student will be asked to sit in the office until the parent arrives.

If I want to leave the country during term time?

The School must be informed by your parents, in writing, of your plans.

I am ill and confined to home or hospital?

The school must be informed in writing with the appropriate official medical information from your doctor. Certain contagious diseases – measles, mumps, chicken pox - have a compulsory quarantine period, which must be observed. Arrangements can be made for you to keep up with school work if you are well enough to do so. You must provide a certificate of fitness from the attending physician if you are returning to school after a period of quarantine.

I need to use the library for research?

The library is open to all students for research and daily loans during the lunch hour from 11-40-12.30 p.m. It is also open during the hours 2.40p.m. – 4.00 p.m. for use by all students for research and study. There is internet access and photocopying facilities for students subject to library regulations.


I did not do my homework?

Homework is absolutely necessary and must be done at all times. Written excuses signed by parents for homework not done may be accepted. All assignments should be recorded in your homework book and are to be monitored by parents.

If I have to leave the school premises?

If you have to leave the school premises between the hours 8.00am and 2.00p.m., a written request from your parents or guardians must be provided to your form mistress. This must be signed by your Form Mistress and counter signed by the Principal/Vice Principal/Dean during the morning form mistress period. Follow these steps when your parents arrive to collect you:

  • Meet your parent at the assigned time in the main office and sign out
  • Present the letter to the guard in order to leave the compound
  • If you return before dismissal, you must sign the time of arrival at the office.
  • You will be considered truant if you leave the premises without permission.


I am ill and cannot remain in school?

You must report to your form mistress who will contact your parents/guardian. Parents must report to the office on arrival. A form will be given to them to be returned to the Form Teacher. You will be asked to sign out at the office and the guard booth.

I have an accident and my uniform is wet or soiled?

There are uniforms available. Check with your Dean or Form mistress

I have to take medication?

You may take your own medication if you have written permission from your parent. Members of staff are not authorized to administer any form of medication to students. You are advised to bring with you medication that you may require for menstrual cramps, headaches, asthma and other minor ailments.

I have a free period?

You are to remain in your classroom and you will be supervised. Fourth and fifth formers with scheduled frees are to report to the designated area for these free periods. Otherwise, they must remain in their classroom. Sixth formers are encouraged to use the library but may also use the cafeteria or waving gallery.

If you are officially absent from school and need to come on the school compound?

Once you are on the school compound, you must be in full school uniform.