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As A Naps Girl

  • A high standard of self-discipline and behavior is expected of you
  • You are expected to take responsibility for your own actions and to show courtesy and respect to staff, visitors and to each other
  • You are to take care of your property and respect other people’s property
  • You should move about the school in an orderly manner; keep to the left side of stairs and corridors and do not run
  • Give way to all members of Staff or visitors to the school
  • You must cultivate good health and study We suggest that students have a quiet, permanent place of study, with a desk or table and a straight back chair. The room should be well lit, properly ventilated and away from the television, phone and entertainment areas. A study timetable should be made, and the student should be encouraged to study regularly and consistently to avoid last minute cramming. Students should still have time to help with light household chores.

Homework is absolutely necessary to :

  • Revise each day’s work
  • Give the opportunity for individual study
  • Ensure a better understanding of class work
  • Discipline one’s self for further study

Students are required to record all assignments given and parents are asked to monitor closely their daughter’s attempt at homework.

Their timetable at school now includes a wider variety of subjects. Encourage your daughter to pack the correct books and uniform the night before school.

Remember to set long-term and short-term goals.
Take advantage of all that the school has to offer, but remember that it is up to you to realize your fullest potential.