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Naparima Girls High School RBC Young Leaders Project 2015-2016


Using your passion to make a positive impact on society

The broad theme given to us from RBC this year was ME…YOU…WE A Shared Vision for a Better Society. We believe everyone’s fingerprint is unique. It is their identity. As young leaders, our aim was to help children, ages 3-18, in children’s homes and schools discover their strengths, talents and passions and show them how they can use the things they are good at to help make a better society.

Many persons have talents that are unique to them and may not realize that the gift they have can indeed help society. They may think their passion or talent is small and insignificant. Some may not know what their talents are but by helping them find their strengths and niche in society, our hope is that one day we will all leave our marks on the earth as positive imprints on society.

We visited the Lady Hochoy School for the differently abled and Operation Smile Children’s home and had one of our planned workshops, using special tools and activities, in order to engage the young people and help them find their passion. We were also very active on social media and got the support from several schools nationwide who got involved in our #imPRINT Challenge on Instagram. This was another way to help young people discover their talents and help others around them do so as well. To leave our legacy at N.G.H.S. we also created a mural with the fingerprints of students, staff and parents on a tree.

This project not only bring us closer to our classmates but also showed us how we can use the power we have to make a change in our society and by extension, the world.