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Extra Curricular

There are as many as thirty-six extracurricular clubs in our school. Most of them meet at lunchtime as shown in the table below.


Name of Club Patron Teacher(s) Location of Meeting Day Time
Unesco Club Ms. Z. Foster, Mrs. N. Khemraj, Mrs. V. Mohess New Modern Studies Room Wednesday 12.10pm
Eco-Activist Mrs. S.Lall-Soobrattee Bio Lab Monday 12.00pm
Indian Cultural Club Ms. V.Tancoo, Mrs N.Seecharan, Mrs. S. Roopnarinesingh, Mrs. S. Ramroop De La Rosa Physics Lab Tuesday, Thursday 12.00pm
Scrabble + Chess Mrs. S. Kalloo-Sammah English Room Monday 12.00pm
Readers’ and Writers’ Ms. S. Ramrattan English Room Thursday 12.00pm
Interact Ms. M. Poliah, Mrs. D. Ousman Audit Thursday 12.15pm
Math Club Mrs. N. Roopchand, Mr. R. Ramdeen Math Room Friday 12.10pm
Languages Club Ms. C. Bastien Language Lab 1 Friday 12.00pm
African Cultural Club Mrs. P. Sawyer, Mrs. J. Commissiong, Mrs. N. Woodsley A.V. Room Monday 12.15pm
Dance Club Mrs. B. Hinds-George Dance Room Tuesday




Latin Club Mrs. B. Hinds-George Dance Room Wednesday 11.40pm
Dragon Boat Mrs. B. Hinds-George Sea Scouts Saturday 7.00am
Inter School Christian Fellowship Mrs. S. Coker, Mrs. S. Rampaul, Mrs. S. Scarlett, Mrs. A. Sookchan, Ms. S. Ramdass A.V. Room Wednesday 12.00pm
Abstinence Mrs. S. Coker A.V. Room Thursday 12.00pm
String Orchestra Mrs. R. Edwards Music Room Monday 8.00am
Junior Choir Mrs. B. Roberts Pan Theatre Tuesday Lunch Time
Senior Choir Mrs. B. Roberts Pan Theatre Monday, Friday




Pan Club Mrs. B. Roberts Pan Theatre Monday, Friday 12.00pm
Badminton Club Mrs. T. Persad Gym Wed, Thursday 12.00pm
Anime Club Mr. R. Ramdeen Math Room Monday 12.00pm
Website Committee Ms. S. Ramdass, Ms. M. Poliah, Mr. M. Bridgemohan Auditorium Monday 12.15pm
Tennis Ms. K. Cedeno Tennis Court Monday- Thursday 3.00pm
Archery Ms. K. Cedeno Auditorium Tuesday, Friday 3.00pm
Volleyball Mrs. A. Haneiph-Branch Gym Monday, Friday 3.00pm
Food Club Mrs. S. Pragg-Fortune F&N lab Wednesday 12.00pm
Art and Craft Mrs. C. Sieusankar, Ms. A. Mykoo Art Room Thursday 12.00pm
Book Club Mrs. S. Sookdeo A.V. Room Tuesday 12.10pm
History Club Mrs. S. Sookdeo Modern Studies Room Thursday 12.10pm
Swim Mrs. S. Rampaul, Mr. Mcleod St. Michael Swimming Pool Monday, Wednesday 3.00- 4.00 pm
Peer Helpers Mrs. S. Rampaul Student Services Room Tuesday 12.00pm
Astronomy Ms. V. Tancoo Physics Lab Monday 12.00pm
Non Nobis Club Ms. S. Sahadeo TBD
Drama Mrs. Woodsley, Mrs. P. Sawyer Drama Room Thursday/Friday 12.00pm
Cricket Ms. K. Cedeno Gym Tuesday, Friday 12.00pm


We encourage our students to become actively involved in a variety of pursuits. No membership fees are required for most clubs.

Each student is encouraged to join at least one club from Form One as it exposes them to team work, builds their self confidence and definitely broadens their horizons. The clubs also serve as a vehicle for socializing among their peers.

The Physical education teachers together with other patrons encourage participation in several sporting activities. Representation by individuals and teams at district, national and international levels is a constant feature of our school.

Music also plays a vibrant role .Students play various musical instruments and their talents are brought to the fore in our musical concerts and operettas.

Drama is a strength of our school. Apart from our Drama club activities there is participation in the Secondary Schools Drama Association’s Annual Drama Festival.

Foreign travel is a regular feature to broaden students’ learning. Visits to the Spanish speaking South American continent as well to the French speaking Caribbean islands are an annual activity.

Students are frequently successful in Literary, Public Speaking, Debating, Art and Mathematics competitions.