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Parents’ Action Committee

The Parents’ Action Committee (PAC) was established in 1985 by the then principal, Mavis Lee Wah, to assist in providing security for the compound.

Justice Anthony Lucky, whose wife was an active member, was approached to draft an appropriate constitution, and the current name, Parents’ Action Committee, was adopted.

The PAC strives to provide security for students, staff, personnel and residents on the premises at #4 La Pique Road, San Fernando.

They encourage and maintain co-operation between parents, guardians, staff, administration and students.

They also look after the administration of the security system, hold monthly meetings, stage fund-raising ventures, and make financial contributions to the school, staff and students.

The PAC can be viewed as one of the many pillars that support the proper functioning of this centre of learning and educational excellence.

Contact the PAC at pac@naparimagirls.edu.tt


PAC activities and Updates



The aim of the Parents’ Action Committee of Naparima Girls’ High School is to improve the lives of all
stakeholders by constantly adding value and ensuring that the lives of those concerned are impacted
positively. As such, during the July/ August 2017 vacation, the PAC was responsible for repairing,
repainting and refurbishing the Auditorium. Though this venture posed numerous challenges and
consultations, the end result was a drastic improvement with far less creaking floor boards, much to
the relief of everyone.

In addition, we also took on the monumental task of refurbishing the bathrooms for our young ladies
at the cost of $86,189.00. With their best interests at heart, we aim to make their lives even more
comfortable and enriching. Our girls were impressed and delighted with the new upgrades. Although
the mirrors are yet to be placed for their viewing enjoyment, we are very satisfied that the
improvements were ready for the beginning of the school year 2017/2018.
We wish to thank parents, students, relatives and friends who made valuable contributions to this
project. Moreover, our heartfelt gratitude to all members of the executive of the PAC, in particular
Dr. Afraz Ali who personally spearheaded the project. Anyone willing to assist in the funding of this
project through contributions can do so at the Bursar’s office.

The Parents’ Action Committee held their annual AGM on October 31 st 2017 at 4:45 p.m. in the
school’s auditorium. Congratulations to the new executive.
Chairman – Dr. Afraz Ali
Deputy Chairman – Mr. Denny Dipchansingh
Secretary – Mrs. Lindy Ann Lum You
Assistant Secretary – Mrs. Denise Ramcharitar-Ali
Treasurer – Mrs. Michelle Brooker
Assistant Treasurer – Mrs. Deann Gunness
PRO – Mrs. Nisha Ali
Assistant PRO – Mrs. Anita Byragee
Floor Members – Mrs. Shireen Persad, Mr. Jairam Maharaj, Mrs. Marsha Karim
Trustee – Mrs. Amanda Miller

Contact the PAC at pac@naparimagirls.edu.tt