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The NGHS Languages Club, which is led by our patron teacher Miss Crystal Bastien, would like to warmly welcome you all to our official page. Our club aims to achieve multiple goals, such as:

1. Stimulating an interest in foreign language learning among members and the wider

student population

2. Promoting love and appreciation for foreign languages and the cultures of other


3. Instilling in its members values such as tolerance and respect for others who come

from different cultural backgrounds

4. Enlightening our members about the importance of foreign languages in our global

village where technology and modern, global trends have connected us to all parts of the

world. Hence, languages are essential for daily communication and the acquisition of

language skills will give students a competitive advantage in the workplace.


Our NGHS Languages Club seeks to accomplish these goals during our weekly meetings. One should note that these meetings take place on Fridays during the lunch period. Here, various cultural activities are organised to promote different countries and their associated languages, cultures and festivities. For example, the viewing of virtual tours of countries such as India, Cuba, Egypt and Brazil where iconic landmarks and monuments are shown. Moreover, in previous sessions, cultural artefacts from various countries (i.e. jewellery, clothing and household items) were displayed.

Beautiful, cultural artefacts from our cultural expo 2016
French and Estonian cultural artefacts
Cultural artefacts from European countries

picture-6On a further note, our NGHS Languages Club tends to introduce our members to new languages of the world, for example, Portuguese, Hindi, Telugu, Arabic and Italian so that our members will gain an exposure to languages other than those taught at school. We believe that such cultural activities will not only promote a sense of cultural awareness amongst our members but also give them a better understanding of themselves in relation to other cultures in the international community.

It is also important to note that our club meetings enable members to discover and even participate in the cultural dances of various countries (i.e. the flamenco and salsa). Such experiences have given our members a greater awareness and appreciation for the rich, cultural traditions that each country and region has to offer. Also, we take great pride in celebrating the festivals of other countries and so we dedicate entire sessions to Bastille Day and El Día de los Muertos among others. Here, we believe that such exposure will enable our members to compare the cultural practices of others with their own and so mould them into more tolerant, warm-hearted and understanding individuals. One should note that such values will lead them to accept other people who are different from them and so facilitate deeper connections with others in the global village.

Our NGHS Languages club is pleased to make mention of our most recent and successful venture where we now have our very own club jerseys with our logo in beautiful and vibrant colours of teal, turquoise and diva blue. Such an initiative has given us a real sense of identity here at NGHS where we feel more recognised as a language club community. Also, we hope that others in our student body will be more inclined to join our club.

picture-1 copy-of-picture-19 copy-of-picture-18

One should also note another great success of ours where we organised a cultural display, ‘Una Exposición Cultural’ at the end of the 2015/2016 school term. Here, our members worked together to create beautiful posters portraying the abundant, cultural elements of different countries. Also, there was an appetizing display of international cuisine where crêpes, Russian cakes, arepas, empanadas, tortillas and other dishes were prepared and served to all members of staff and the student body. Clearly, our club is a place where languages and cultures come alive.

The NGHS Languages Club is very innovative and thus, we always seeks to engage our members’ interest in languages in a new interactive and inclusive way. Each year, we become more and more dedicated to generating new ideas which will promote our club and help us to achieve our fundamental goals. The following is a list of some exciting and fun-filled activities that new members can look forward to:

1.Field trips to places and events such as the annual European Film Festival and International Embassies;

2. Parang and carolling in different languages during Christmas time;

3. Annual Christmas parties in which all members can partake in delicious food items and enjoy song and dance.

4. Foreign Film Festivals where movies in different languages will be shown

5. Engaging and fun games during our weekly sessions

6. School visits from representatives of various embassies

Without a doubt, our NGHS Languages Club is devoted to accomplishing our goals and so we encourage you all to join our club and embrace the new perspectives and opportunities that our club has to offer you.

We also look forward to your participation and continued support.

We urge you to keep our slogan in mind, ’Learn a Language…..Connect…….Discover……..Be a part of the global village.’

Join the NGHS Languages Club!

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