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From the desk of the Principal

To our students:

Welcome to the sisterhood of Naparima Girls’ High School. We are happy to embrace you and your parents as they work with your teachers to shape your future.

Over the next five (5) or seven (7) years you will be guided by caring, committed, dedicated and hard- working members of our Naparima family. We want you to develop into young ladies who are respectful of self, parents, peers, all staff, and the environment. While you pursue excellence in the academic field we also want to ensure that you develop into honest, self-disciplined, trustworthy, generous, well- mannered, caring, fair-minded, considerate, loyal and assertive individuals.

I assure you that we want you to participate fully in all of the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which are offered at our school. All students are required to comply with our school rules since these are important in the development of each “Naps Girl’’.

Parents, you are expected to closely monitor your daughter, not just in Form one (1), but throughout her school career. It is important that you become involved in our school activities and also attend our Parents’ Action Committee meetings frequently. Communication with your daughter’s teachers is extremely important and we are committed to ensuring that this is always possible. This handbook will serve as one of your guides to Naparima Girls’ High School. It is important that you and your daughter become familiar with the contents of this booklet.

On behalf of our Vice-Principal and all other staff at Naparima Girls’ High School, I wish you all the best as you work with us to ensure that our school continues to produce worthy citizens who will continue to embody our school’s motto. It is my hope that each of you will leave a worthwhile legacy that will build on that left by your predecessors.

May God richly bless you, your parents and our school!


Carolyn Bally-Gosine