From left to right: Shivika Maharaj, Victoria Dookoo, Mikah Stroude, Ravishta Lutchman

Gold and Silver Awards at Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2018

Three of our students received top awards in the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition. This prestigious competition started in 1883 and is deemed to be the world’s oldest schools’ international writing competition. This year, there were over 12,000 entries from young writers across the Commonwealth. Four of the students have been recognized for their excellent writing skills and creativity. They are:

1. Victoria Dookhoo – 2018 Award Senior Category Gold
2. Shivika Maharaj – 2018 Award Senior Category Gold
3. Mikah Stroude – 2018 Award Junior Category Silver
4. Ravishta Lutchman – Certificate of Participation

The students wrote on the theme, “Towards a Common Future”. Victoria’s essay discussed the importance of education in promoting equality. She cited ways in which our school has fostered social mobility, achievement and empowerment in both students and alumni. Shivika’s essay reinforced the role of education as a solution to crime, conflict, and inequality in Trinidad and Tobago. Mikah wrote a captivating story on a few radical crime-fighting measures, she implemented within an action-packed day as President.

The students were ecstatic upon hearing of their success. Presently a Form 5 student, Victoria Dookhoo said, “I feel honored and humbled to receive this prestigious award as I am encouraged to reach for higher heights.” Form 3 student, Shivika Maharaj said, “This was the first time I participated in an essay competition, so I was completely overjoyed upon hearing the good news. I am grateful for the support of my parents and teachers.”

Congratulations to our young writers!

From left to right: Shivika Maharaj, Victoria Dookhoo, Mikah Stroude, Ravishta Lutchman

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