Happy Retirement Mrs. Rampaul!

Happy Retirement Mrs. Rampaul!


Radiant, Authentic, Motivator, Pure of heart And Utterly Lovable. These are the words that come to mind when we think about Mrs. Sita Rampaul. An irreplaceable member of this NGHS family that we are grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting. Our hearts are saddened by the thought of a school environment devoid of this dedicated teacher and reliable second mother. No task was too small, no problem was too large for Mrs Rampaul to squash. 

As the Form 3 Dean, Mrs Rampaul took her role very seriously and she looked out for each and every one of her students. 

Every morning, she could be found checking in on each of the form three classes. On Tuesdays, for PSD sessions, if she realized that one of the classes was without their form mistress, she would take the Period HERSELF to ensure that her students were never left unattended. We can safely say that she was always on hand to lend an ear and give advice where needed, counselling on subject choices (as well as investigating any deviant behaviour)

Her sometimes infamous Math classes, which were 4 periods, capitalized on the  “Naps girls are never free,” concept and yielded fruitful exam results.  She instilled in us morals, and ideas for greatness that we will carry with us forever. 

Additionally, her roles and capabilities extended far beyond the curriculum as she occupied several patron teacher positions. She personified the definition of a Proverbs chapter 31 woman, as her grace and kindness were particularly inspirational to the members of the ISCF club. She served as a mentor and mother to the students which has left an indelible mark on every member’s heart. She was nurturing and supportive and was always available for Christian guidance with regards to problems at school, home or otherwise and honoured God diligently as she led students towards Him. 

She applied similar principles and morals of service to her role in the Peer Helpers club, moulding young women who would be strong supporters of each other. She encouraged each member to embody the school’s motto “Not for ourselves only but for all” not just in her words, but her actions.

Her role on the swim team also engraved marks on the hearts of students. All the swimmers who have experienced her patronage during their time in the club can only boast the fondest memories of this absolute gem. Whether it was encouraging them to push themselves in training, locating misplaced swim caps, goggles and swimsuits in the nick of time or simply commending their efforts, there is no doubt that the team could not have functioned without her loving and inspiring presence for all these years. 

She went beyond her call of duty as patron teacher and dean to befriend her students and was always compassionate especially when she would inquire about coping with school activities. Her maternal instinct was always reflected in her guidance and considerate actions. 

We indeed shall cherish our fond memories of Mrs. Rampaul forever, as she has undoubtedly contributed to our development as individuals teaching us self-motivation, patience, dedication, kindness, compassion and the true meaning of “team”. A rose in full bloom that has been plucked from the NGHS garden whose beauty will resonate in the hearts of all who saw her. You will indeed be missed but never forgotten. We wish you a happy and blessed retirement.

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