Naps girls receive international recognition

Our school extends a hearty congratulations to Rebecca Ann Jattan and Rachael Leong Poi
who gained special international recognition for their essay submissions in the Trust for
Sustainable Living International Essay Competition.

Rebecca Ann was nominated as a finalist. Her essay was ranked in the top 10% of all entries.
Rachael was recognized as being among the top 33% and received an Honourable Mention
award. These girls outperformed over 1150 entrants from over 51 countries.

The competition focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14- Protecting
Life Below Water. Students were asked to write their plan to protect and manage our oceans,
seas and marine resources. Rebecca Ann’s essay examined the crucial role of innovation,
activism and individual responsibility in protecting water sources and marine life. Rachael
suggested public education through social media is key in reversing a culture of environmental

The Trust for Sustainable Living is an international sustainability education charity which is
endorsed by the Millennium Commission and European Commission. The organization supports
the preservation of rainforests and global education on the environment.

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