Shubh Divali

On the eve of Divali, the students of Naparima Girls’ High School came together to celebrate the

festival of lights. The school’s very own Indian Cultural Club shared their unending talent with a

morning of song and dance all devoted to the celebration of Mother Lakshmi and the triumph of

good over evil.

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The ICC choir sang beautifully with the musical accompaniment from Naparima College who

also performed a song during the programmme. The girls impressed everyone with their intricate

and devotional dances from the senior and junior dancers of the ICC choreographed by members

of the club. From emotional bhajans to passionate dances, there was no shortage of talent.

As much entertainment as the program provided, it was a great learning experience. They shared

the significance of a lit deeya which represented the removal of one’s ego through spiritual

knowledge, exhausting negative tendencies. Pundit Bhaskar-Anand was the honoured guest

speaker at this program and has devoted his many years to being a spiritual leader to many at

temples across Trinidad. He shared the true meaning of Diwali which was how Mother Lakshmi

stepped out of the light and came into the universe. He compared it to Mother’s Day as it was the

first time the creator saw his mother and even compared the girls to Lakshmi as they are lights,

illuminating the world. Pundit Bhaskar-Anand shared with the students the stages of life as well

as the four goals of life which included wealth, enjoyment of wealth, ‘Dharma’ which meant

being the best one can be and the final goal being to seek god. He also shared the four principles

or pillars of Sanatan Dharma and these included truth, mental and physical cleanliness, mercy

and charity. The girls listened intently and were indeed enlightened.

This Diwali program, organised by the Naparima Girls’ Indian Cultural Club was a great success

and would not have been possible without the hard-working students and teachers. The program

was enjoyed by all and indeed left the student body more enlightened than they came.


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