Review of The Tempest

On Tuesday 27th September 2016 the Form 4’s of the Naparima Girls’ High School took a

leisurely stroll to Naparima Bowl to view the production of The Tempest by Deborah Jean

Baptiste and the Oratory Foundation.Without a doubt, the play was a tremendous success.The

actors were all able to embody the respective characters from the play through their language and

dress and so were able to maintain the attention of the audience throughout the entire production.

The setting of the play and stage directions allowed the audience to experience a tempest and it

set the stage for unraveling of magic, illusion and deceit. Although the actors must be

commended for their performances, the crowd’s favourite was Caliban ‘a product of nature, the

offspring of Sycorax and the devil.’ The play was quite enjoyable and it gave us students an

insight into the set text for the English B examination.

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