Sarah Morton Dormitory Restoration Project

The Sarah Morton Dormitory, named after Mrs. Sarah Morton, wife of the first Canadian Missionary to Trinidad and Tobago, was constructed in 1917. The dormitory housed young girls who lived far away from San Fernando and allowed them the opportunity to attend Naparima Girls’ High School, which at the time was one of the very few Secondary Schools in San Fernando. It was used as a dormitory until 1967 and thereafter, when its rooms became classrooms and speciality rooms for students attending NGHS.

In 1990, the top floor the dormitory was removed as it was termite-ridden and the building was re-dedicated by Mrs. Zalayhar Hassanali.

Today, our vision is to preserve this part of the rich history of Naparima Girls’ High School, as well as to refurbish and re-purpose the dormitory so it can continue to be used by many more generations of young ladies.

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